...please let me cum?

Horny guy with a row of kinks. I like dick, but I enjoy straight porn too (mhh, clits). I'm rather submissive, I love being tied up and teased and I have a HUGE tickling fetish.

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Stuff that turns me on. Porn. Edging, tease and denial, orgasm control, forced orgasms, milking, ruined orgasms, bdsm, bondage, humiliation. Yaoi. Furries. Tentacles. Hot dudes and cocks. Oral, anal, toys.

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Anonymous asked ...
I wanna watch porn while im played with for 1 whole week straight without cumming, and then finally let my HOT THROBBING LOAD OUT EVERYWHERE, and I wanna see how much cum squirts out... is that safe?
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Safe? As in, not dangerous to your health? I believe so! (There are people who go without cumming muuuch longer ;))

I’d love to watch.

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Anonymous asked ...
~imaginary roleplay~ i walk in the room to see you. i have you tied up in a spread eagle position. i left you there last night after teasing your cock and refusing to let you cum. to my surprise you're still hard. i walk over giving your cock a slight tickle with my nails. i lean into your ear blowing in it and kissing on your neck. i begin to use my thumbs and rub your tip. the sounds of your moaning and begging is music to my ears as i do this for hours refusing to let you come. ~ go on? ~
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~ continues roleplay ~ i lower my mouth to your throbbing cock as i look up at you and smiles at your pleading face. i start to slowly lick your tip and massage your balls. the way your back arches and your begging asking me to stop is turning me on. i stop after about 30 minutes and i begin to get a vibrator. i laugh as i see how wide your eyes get. i put it down next to you and i climb on top of you. i begin to tickle your penis with my nails.

~ continues roleplay ~ i use my nails to tickle your penis from your tip to your balls. i continue to do this for about 20 minutes. i grab the vibrator careful to put it on low. i place it on your tip as i kiss and lick you penis. i leave it on your tip warning you not to cum. as you get close i toss the vibrator aside and i milk you hard in fast telling you not to cum but i’m not stopping. as i do this i am sucking on your tip. listening to you whin and beg and ignoring your please.

~ continues roleplay ~ i keep milking you harder and faster as i still suck on your tip. your moans are getting louder and you’re telling me that you can’t hold it much longer. i look up at you and is smiling telling you not to cum still as i’m milking you even more and rubbing your tip with the palm of my hand. you arch your back and your eyes are shut tight. you cum so hard shooting your load all over my hand.

~ continues roleplay ~ i say “you think i’m done yet? i told you not to cum!” i am still milking your cock aware hard you came. your laughs and please from your sensitivity is pleasing me. i get a feather and begins dancing it on your tip. this goes on for about 30 more minutes. i finally stop and i rub your balls. i say “i’ve had so much fun with you my pet.” and i get up and leave the room. ~ i hoped you liked this ;) ~

O-oh, you bet I did. This was really hot. Really curious what I’d have to do to be allowed to cum…

Thanks for teasing me! ;)

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