...please let me cum?

Horny guy with a row of kinks. I like dick, but can't say that's the only thing I like. I'm rather submissive, I love being tied up and teased and I have a HUGE tickling fetish.

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Stuff that turns me on. Tease and denial, edging, orgasm control, forced orgasms, milking, ruined orgasms, bdsm, bondage, humiliation. Yaoi. Furries. Tentacles. Hot dudes and cocks. Oral, anal, toys.

This blog is 18+ / NSFW.
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Some VERY nice video of edging and denial! For me, I only wish it had finished with her teasing and tormenting his balls as he lay gasping in need!!!!! I personally LOVE that extra bit of torment!!!!

From: heavyblueballs:

Nice tease and denial handjob - edging and ruined orgasm - Amazing! :)

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His cock seems to grow by inches as she pulls that huge sound out of it…. There’s something wonderful about how his cum desperately comes out as she removes the sound. 

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